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Rob Steele, Davos Jan 2015
Secretary General International Organization for Standardization

CSR Index 2014

Trust is vital for society and for the global economy to function successfully and efficiently given the fast pace of change in the world today. The economic crisis that began in 2008 continues to challenge us today in part due to (a) the diminished sense of trust between businesses and their stakeholders, and (b) the lack of trust in the data on which businesses report performance and make decisions. Today’s trust is cautionary: the public opinion slogan says “We will trust you if you let us verify”.

Verification says, “Show me the data.” Data quality therefore now is front and center in the debate. Data has consequences because what gets measured gets done. From financial reporting to greenhouse gas emissions to organizational management, measurable objectives are key to performance. The book aims to illustrate this leading role for data quality by (a) presenting the corporate and business data management challenges that businesses currently face and (b) describing new approaches that have the potential to fundamentally change the way data is used both by businesses and stakeholders.

CSR Report presents ways to demonstrably increase trust in corporate and business data that will benefit business leaders’ decisions as well as economic and political relations, and consequently the global economy—not to mention society as a whole.

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